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CellWise CW2015 Electricity meter for alarm upon low battery


Compatibility with system-end and battery-end applications

  Full power range, maximum error 3%

  High-accuracy 14-bit ADC

    No accumulated error

    No need for learning of battery charging/discharging

    No need for resistance sensing resistor

      SOC and RRT estimation provided

    Output interruption upon low power

      Patented FastCali algorithm

    Chip calibration via fast startup function

    Ultralow working power consumption and sleep power consumption

-      Working mode: 15uA

-   Sleep mode: <1uA

    Universal I2C interface

    Small-size lead-free and halogen-free 8-Pin TDFN encapsulation

Area of application

    Smart phone

    Tablet computer

    Other hand-held or mobile devices

Function description

CW2015 is a highly integrated low-cost battery electricity meter intended for lithium battery and Li-polymer battery and it is suitable for the system end or battery end. The lean design architecture and patented power algorithm enable CW2015 to be designed and manufactured very easily, without the need for current sensing resistor and battery charging/discharging learning.

CW2015 can detect the working status of various types of batteries including lithium-cobalt battery, lithium-manganese battery and Li-polymer battery. The electricity quantity is constantly calculated and the remaining capacity of battery reported.

CW2015 uses the high-accuracy 14-bit ADC to measure the voltage and temperature of battery so as to calculate the electricity quantity. The chip also has the low-battery alarm function for which a threshold can be set.

CW2015 uses the universal two-line I2C interface and works in two operating frequency modes—standard mode (100 kHz) and fast mode (400 kHz).

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