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Corporate Culture
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  • Core objective: People-oriented
    We will, to the greatest extent, accommodate and enroll the people who are ambitious, aspirant, unwilling to yield to others, and totally immersed in their careers or try to realize their self-worth.
  • Offer professional services and whole-hearted preparations for you
    We will do our best to improve and maintain our local capabilities and benefits in the industry. We will also follow the “true honesty and integrity” principle: do not reward those acts of kindness with intent, and do not punish those honest mistakes.
  • We will be earnest and down-to-earth, and make best efforts to implement perfect practices and achieve satisfactory results.
    Our profits and growth are the essential foundation for fulfilling the above values and objectives, and also one of the important indicators of measuring our achievements. We respect the creative spirit in a broad sense. That is, we believe that any form of and extensive innovation is highly valuable in all things, affairs and events.
    We are one of the first “Four-News (new industries, new technologies, new businesses, and new models) Enterprises” investigated and surveyed by the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.
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