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Customer Benefits

      Full NFC forum compliant

      Interoperability with every NFC-enabled
device on the market

      Large read range and fast data exchange
for smooth interactions

      Non-Volatile storage of data for zero-power

      Field-detection signal and energy harvesting
for optimized power management

      Small antenna footprint for best integration

Supported RF protocols

      Fully compliant with ISO/IEC 14443A 2-3

      Fully compliant with NFC Forum Tag Type 2


      Input capacitance of 50pF

      888 or 1,904 bytes  of user memory for NDEF message (based on EEPROM)

      Unique 7-byte serial number

      Read-only locking function

      64-byte SRAM memory buffer

      Configurable Field-Detection output signal for data transfer synchronization and device wake-up during low-power mode

      Energy harvesting

      Clear arbitration between RF and I²C   

      Fast Read command for shorter test times and increased throughput

      Get Version command for easy ID of chip type and supported features


      I²C interface supporting standard (100 kHz) and fast (400 kHz) modes


With all its integrated features and functions the NTAG I2C is the ideal solution to enable a

contactless communication via an NFC device (e.g., NFC enabled mobile phone) to an

electronic device for:

 Zero power configuration (late customization)

 Smart customer interaction (e.g., easier after sales service, such as firmware update)

 Advanced pairing (for e.g., WiFi or Blue tooth) for dynamic generation of sessions keys

Easier product customization and customer experience for the following applications:

 Home automation

 Home appliances

 Consumer electronics



 Smart meters

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